fine arts

Arts exhibitions, arts management, curating and a free writing art.

fine arts

I am a freelance art curator and a founder an arts management agency for fine arts ARTUARE.

My aim is to assist the art and the culture to come to a right place in our everyday lives.


ARTUARE is an arts management agency built on the enthusiasm and a passion for fine arts, with a respect to a need of beauty which is inside of each of us. I like when I can help art to appear more around us, more in our everyday lives. Because the art inspires, doesn't matter what is your life mission. I've been enjoying supporting artists by selling their artworks and organizing their exhibitions and to reveal the stories imprinted into the paintings or sculptures also for you.

free art

I love travelling, that’s why I set up a travelling blog Souls on the Road.

Together with the Concept 42 publishing I am going to release my debut story which is a part of the Život pod psa 2 (Life in the Dumps 2), the short stories collection.

Ready for a release is also a poetry collection called C. I have also several fairy tales in addition to other poetry collections.