Do not expect anyone to understand

Miluji, když brečíš. Proléváš potoky slz. 

Proudy, řeky, vodopády 

hrneš na mě v hysterii. 

Stojíš zády. 

Nemůžeš to zastavit. Ani já. 

A tak se biješ, burácíš… A živíš mou, jeho její malost svou odhodlanou bolestí. 

Přecházíš mě a já Tě miluji; přesto. 

Tvé slastné utrpení stává se mou součástí. Byť jsem Ti ukraden. 

Zetlít odevzdaně do živných mršin Tebou oplakaných toužím – do nicoty pravdy se vpít. 

A být…

I love you crying. Weeping brooks of tears. 

Streams, rivers, waterfalls 

Pouring at me in hysteria. 

You stand back – and cannot stop it. 

Neither I. 

So you fight and rumble… Nourishing my, his, her narrowness by your resolute pain. 

Giving me a cold shoulder and I love you; yet. 

Your blissful suffering becomes a part of me. 

Though, You don´t give a damn ´bout me. 

Rot resignedly to nutrient carcasses mourned by Thee I desire – into nothingness of truth be soaked. 

… Be real.

René Jacques - L’homme de la Nuit, 1939. Zdroj: Pinterest

René Jacques - L’homme de la Nuit, 1939. Zdroj: Pinterest

Do not expect anyone to understand you, to grasp your words and not to punish all your acts deservedly.

With this in mind, it is possible to get down to work - quietly, excitedly, bit-by-bit... As you like it. But never the way "WHEN". Then all the unpainted pictures, un-composed songs, unbaked cakes, unbuilt houses and never knitted sweaters will remain in the locked world of ideas. They will be endlessly collected into their infinite world. Boredom! 

But who would like to get into this never-ending space of chaos and bring something out of there? To open these door you need courage; their key is called dreaming. Starting dreaming can be quite a surprising activity - the paintings will appear as drawings, songs become stories, a house will become the house, your cake will get burnt and the idea of a sweater will turn into new pair of gloves. You never know what will come out of the creating process. Sometimes you won´t get it yourself, how could understand the others...? 

Then, the poem will be exactly as long as it needs to be and written by words which are never forced. Everything is exactly as it should be at the current time. Inspiration touches us without notification and from unexpected places. Great ideas are preceded by boredom and chaos...

Dare to dream and inspire others! 

And no worries, you will get "punished" – by all means, and deservedly... ;-)