About me


About me

I am a project manager, curator and an acro-yogi from Prague. I love freelancing, fine arts, ocean and snow. I like French macarons, British humour, Italian fashion and Swedish hip-hop. I respect straight people. I hate pepper stew and when someone takes a handle before knocking.


I studied communication and HR, I was writing advertising texts for a British Digital Agency, I was working in an advertising department of the European eBay, in Czech PR agency and also as a lifeguard in Sweden. I was taking care of the L'Étape du Tour competitors, curating Ian Emes' exhibition in London, coordinating the Earl of Wessex visit in Prague and advising the Miloš Forman official website


I founded an arts management agency ARTUARE and have been occasionally contributing to my personal blog here and my travel blog called Souls on the Road.


I believe that smile is the most beautiful jewel a woman can wear and that miracles can happen. And that is why I like to smile and to dream. Even about realizing your dreams and visions with a help of my skills and abilities.



Lucia Heverová,

Praha 13 – Stodůlky, Mukařovského 2590/2

registered in the Trade Register since 17.9.2007

Reg. Nr.:  75875217


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